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28 avril 2018

Surreal geometric works that provoke the imagination

We present to you the wonderful surrealistic works of Elitsart - a pseudonym behind which stands a Bulgarian artist who lives and works in Paris, France.

She defines her style as "Imagination Art",  not only because her art is inspired by the imagination, but also because its main purpose is to provoke the viewer to  to interpret what he sees and this way to become  a participant in the process of art, not only observer in it.

Mixing sometimes more abstract with more realistic shapes, colors and plots helps the artist help us to enter a surreal, imaginary world, in which even the smallest detail of ordinary everyday life can be turned into a valuable part of an unusual utopian, fantastic puzzle.

Annotation 2020-06-19 144610.jpg

19 juin 2020

Elitsa- Kadur 25

Elitsa is a freelance artist, graphic artist and illustrator.
She was born in Sofia, where she took a course in fine arts at the school age in the studio of Maria Duhteva. Follow courses with other artists.

Annotation 2020-07-20 125103.jpg

20 juillet 2020

Mois de l'art de la peinture chez Eudokia Art Glass

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